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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Cleaning up Landfill and Using Them

Since landfill sites were first opened there has always been a problem with the pollution they give off. Modern day landfill how ever have become alot cleaner and echonomical. For one thing they have stopped the dumping of harmfull chemicals and metals in landfill like car batteries, paint, thinners and Zinc. Secondly before dumping the garbage in landfill they make a thick lining of clay on the base of the landfill to stop any possible polutants from leeking out and harming the enviroment. Thirdly they are using landfill to generate power for surrounding homes by collecting the methane gas landfill give off as the garbage rots down. From here the gas gets taken to power plants where it is used to drive large turbines which in turn creates electricity. So as you can see there are benefits to landfill.

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