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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Gulls Following Plough.

As you can see in this picture some gulls are following the plough which is digging over fresh earth ready for the new crops to go in for the next season. The reason why they follow the plough is as the plough is moving along it is digging up worms and other insects for them to eat, so the gulls will benefit from this free source of food.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

BlackBacked Gulls

BlackBacked Gulls there is the lesser and greater BlackBacked Gull, you can find these birds inland mostly through the winter time around large lakes and lagoons. You can also see them around landfill sites looking for scraps of food. Sadly the BlackBacked Gulls are declining in numbers which may be the result of over fished sea's. Even though they come inland during winter times they would much prefer to be on coastline when it comes to breeding, so lack of there natural food fish to feed there chicks may explain there lack of numbers. If we can bring a normal balance back to fish stocks which I think we are doing slowly there numbers will increase again.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Black Headed Gulls

Black Headed gulls are mostly found inland where you will find them around lakes resevoirs and canals. They feed on anything from discarded food scraps in school yards and car parks to garbage on landfill sites and worms that they pick out from fields that have been cut. You will find them all around the uk in citys, countryside and sea side resorts. They nest mostly inland on marshes and lagoons, infact if you come to see some of the RSPB bird reserves in the UK you will always find some nesting on site.