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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Why Gulls Use Landfill

The reason why gulls use landfill is simple its a great source of food especialy during winter periods when food out at sea is few and far between. Using landfill also brings them inland for the warmer climate, it gets them away from the harsh weather and heavy seas you get around coastal areas. Another benefit of landfill is it offers a stop off point in the uk for migrating gulls like the Icelandic gulls. They act in a similar way as motorway services would act for us if we were traveling any long distances, it offers them somewhere to rest and feed. Since landfill sites started to appear in the uk there have been a rise in different different species of migrating gulls using our country as anew stop off point to rest. So as you can see landfill does have some benefits for wildlife plus landfill sites are becoming more resoucefull and cleaner.

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